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Fig Propagation with Sam Hubert

Learn how to find and propagate wild fig trees with Sam Hubert, a passionate "fig hunter" and nursery manager of One Green World Nursery and Garden Center in Portland ...

Apple Tree Rootstocks Explained with John Strang

B9? EMLA107? What's the difference between the many different types of rootstocks used for apple trees. And which is the best for you?

Foodscaping with Matt Lebon

If you love growing fruit trees and other edible plants, you might consider a career as a "foodscaper." Matt Lebon of Customfoodscaping.com talks about how to transfor...

Growing Hardy Apple Trees

Learn about some of the best tasting hardy apple trees available to northern growers with Bob Osborne, the owner of Corn Hill Nursery in New Brunswick, Canada and auth...

Growing Hardy Kiwi Vines

Hardy kiwi vines produce berries that are sweeter than table grapes and they have more vitamin C per ounce than an average orange. And while the fruit is similar to th...

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